Aquifer Beaker

Edwards Aquifer

Aquifer Level 660.7'
11/25/15 - Official

The Edwards aquifer and its catchment area in the San Antonio region is about 8,000 square miles and includes all or part of 13 counties in south-central Texas.

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Landscape Watering
Last Digit of Address Watering Day
0 or 1 Monday
2 or 3 Tuesday
4 or 5 Wednesday
6 or 7 Thursday
8 or 9 Friday
No Watering on Weekends

Stage 2:
Water On Your Day

Watering with an irrigation system or sprinkler is allowed only once a week from 7-11 a.m. and 7-11 p.m. on your designated watering day as determined by your address.

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Aquifer Level 660.7 | Stage 2: Water On Your Day


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The Rain to Drain Experience

San Antonio Water System ensures you always have a safe, reliable and quality supply of water at every turn of the tap. If you're interested in learning more about the source of your drinking water and where it goes, well,"after the flush," join SAWS Education for The Rain to Drain Experience field trip for adults.

Dos Rios Recycling Center outfallDuring this day-long expedition, you will travel to places few people have ever visited. You will explore an Edwards Aquifer recharge cave, experience the inner workings of a SAWS water production facility and tour a water recycling plant.

The field trip, lasting from 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., is free to Bexar County residents 18 years and older. Lunch is provided. To sign up, fill out the 2016 Rain to Drain registration form.

After you submit your registration, you will be sent detailed information, including directions and a map to the meeting place.

The Rain to Drain Experience – 2015 Schedule:

  • Saturday, Nov. 7 (SOLD OUT)
  • Friday, Dec. 4 (SOLD OUT)

The Rain to Drain Experience – 2016 Schedule:

  • Saturday, Feb. 6
  • Saturday, March 5
  • Friday, May 20
  • Saturday, Sept. 10
  • Saturday, Oct. 15
  • Friday, Nov. 11
  • Saturday, Dec. 3

Important Field Trip Information:

  • Registration is required, and there is a maximum of 50 guests per trip.
  • The field trip is free for Bexar County residents ages 18 and older. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate anyone under the age of 18.
  • SAWS water tank
  • SAWS reserves the right to cancel a trip at any time due to attendance, weather or security reasons.
  • SAWS will provide charter transportation to all locations. (No personal transportation is allowed.) If special accommodations need to be made, advance notice of at least 72 hours is required.
  • SAWS will provide a free lunch to attendees. If special dietary needs are required, please make note on your registration form. And naturally, SAWS will provide water for your enjoyment throughout the day.

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