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The Edwards aquifer and its catchment area in the San Antonio region is about 8,000 square miles and includes all or part of 13 counties in south-central Texas.

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Watering with an irrigation system or sprinkler is allowed any day of the week before 11 a.m. or after 7 p.m.

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Winwood Tank - Western Canyon Project

Canyon Lake

First Surface Water Serves SAWS Customers in NW San Antonio

With a twist of the ceremonial spigot, SAWS' first-ever surface water project gushed to life in April 2006, delivering purified Canyon Lake water to customers in northwest San Antonio.

The 2 million-gallon water storage tank at the Winwood Pump Station, is the first storage facility for SAWS' Western Canyon water project. In August 2007, the second delivery point storage facility (Oliver Ranch Pump Station with a 3 million-gallon storage tank), near U.S. 281 North and Bulverde Road in north central San Antonio, began receiving purified Canyon Lake water.

Project Overview

In March 1998, SAWS approved a contract with the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority. (GBRA) to buy surface water from their Canyon Lake water supply. Treated water is delivered to participants in the project in portions of Comal, Kendall and Bexar counties. SAWS has agreed to to maintain a steady delivery rate and take additional amounts that other participants cannot take at any given time for the benefit of the project. Using this concept, the Western Canyon Project can be base loaded all the time.

SAWS initially received approximately 9,000 acre-feet* per year from the Canyon Reservoir. GBRA designed, collected required data and constructed the project to an agreed delivery point for each participant. SAWS' initial point of delivery was the Winwood Water Tank at Interstate 10 and Fair Oaks Parkway. Water deliveries began in April 2006. SAWS' second point of delivery was the Oliver Ranch Water Tank near U.S. 281 North and Bulverde Road where water delivery began in August 2007.

Project Partners include:

  • Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority
  • SAWS
  • City of Boerne
  • City of Fair Oaks Ranch
  • City of Bulverde
  • Johnson Ranch (DH Investments)
  • GBRA-Cordillera Ranch Inc.
  • Tapatio Springs/Kendall Co. Utility Co.
  • Lerin MUD
  • Lomas (Comal Trace) subdivision

Project Benefits

The Western Canyon project is a successful alliance project between GBRA and water purveyors in Comal, Kendall and Bexar counties. This project is an additional step toward diversification of SAWS water supplies to meet future demands in the region.

Project Highlights

  • The Western Canyon project adds another 2.3 billion gallons per year (an average of 7,100 acre-feet per year) to San Antonio's water supply.
  • SAWS initial take was approximately 9,000 acre-feet per year prior to the smaller purveyors taking their full contracted quantity.
  • SAWS will always receive a minimum of 4,000 acre-feet per year during the term of the contract (40 years). Over the term of the contract, SAWS' average take is approximately 7,100 acre-feet/year.

* An acre-foot of water is equivalent to 325,851 gallons.