SAWS News: SAWS Takes Rate Proposal to the People with Community Meetings
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SAWS Takes Rate Proposal to the People with Community Meetings

The proposed rate increase would pay for more line cleaning and proactive sewer maintenance. SAWS crews use camera-equipped sewer robots to clean out nasty grease clogs like this one. Click to view video.

Join us for tonight's meeting at SAWS Headquarters:

Wednesday, Nov. 28, 6:30 p.m.
SAWS Headquarters 
Customer Service Building

2800 US Hwy. 281 N.
(at Mulberry Ave.)

San Antonio Water System officials are on a mission. With a 9.9 percent net rate increase proposed for 2013, leaders at the utility want to make sure every customer understands exactly what they are getting for their ratepayer dollars.

SAWS will hold at least 20 public meetings, two in each of San Antonio's 10 city council districts. Dozens of gatherings with homeowner associations are also scheduled, as well as briefings for local chambers of commerce and other organizations.

The largest part of the rate proposal would fund rehabilitation of the city's sewer system, replacing aging infrastructure and expanding efforts to reduce sewer overflows. Construction of a groundwater desalination plant in southern Bexar County would also be paid for by the increase.

"It is important that we invest in our sewer system to reduce the number of sewer overflows in San Antonio and comply with the federal Clean Water Act," said Robert R. Puente, SAWS President/CEO. "At the same time, our growing community needs water for a prosperous future."

Even with the proposed adjustments, San Antonio's water and sewer bills would remain among the lowest of major Texas cities.

The new rates would add $4.93 to the average monthly residential bill. To learn more about the SAWS rate proposal, visit

For more information on water and sewer rates or to view the schedule of additional community meetings, visit or call 210-704-SAWS (7297).

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