Homeowners concerned about paying the initial plumbing bill and then waiting 4-6 weeks for the reimbursement should consider this option. There are also long waiting lists for plumbers in the community, so some may want to see if the SAWS contracted plumber can make it sooner than one they choose on their own.

Plumbing work will be focused on repairing burst pipes that are resulting in loss of water service to the home.

Examples of burst pipes include:

  • Pipes within walls or ceilings
  • Service line pipes leading to the home
  • Pipes under the home
  • Outdoor hose bibs and more.

Plumbers will not make repairs other than to burst pipes that must be fixed to restore service. The services also do not include repair to drywall, tile or landscaping that may be disturbed in the process of the repairs. The goal of the program is to restore water service as quickly as possible for as many eligible homes as possible.

Repairs NOT Covered:

  • Irrigation systems including piping, irrigation heads and backflows.
  • Pool plumbing and pumps.
  • Dripping faucets and showerheads that still allow safe access to water.
  • Replacement of water heaters.
  • Bringing water heater installations up to code.
  • Leaking toilets that still allow safe flushing.

Yes. Renters are eligible for this assistance if they meet certain requirements. If the SAWS plumbing contractor option is selected, the renter must first obtain a signature on the Landlord Permission/Waiver of Damages form. This must be signed before work can start. If the rebate option is selected, the renter must certify on the application that they have permission from their landlord to proceed with repairs.

There are key limits to the reimbursement available.

  • Maximum reimbursement possible is $1,500 per home.
  • Reimbursement may not exceed total charges.
    • Reimbursement will only be for labor and parts needed to repair burst pipes.
    • A line item invoice must be provided that includes hourly costs and details on part costs.
    • Hourly charge reimbursement is limited to $92/hour.
    • Invoices also must include: address where work was completed, contact information for the plumber, the plumber name and the plumber license number. It must be possible to clearly read all information on the invoice.
  • SAWS reserves the right to contact the plumber for more information or to request a site visit.

No. We strongly recommend applying to be certain of eligibility and availability of funds before getting work done.

If you provided an email address, you will receive an email response within three business days. Because phone calls are not automated like emails, it may take five business days to provide an answer by phone.

Form will be provided during application process. Providing your landlord’s email address will expedite process.

Submitting Required Documentation

  • Be certain that your name and address are with the invoice.
  • If you have not already received approval for program eligibility, do so immediately. It is recommended that you do this before paying for work.
  • Make sure all information required is on the invoice so your reimbursement is not slowed down.
  • If you send original invoices, they will not be returned to you.

Submit via email to CPR-SA@saws.org (fastest option)

By Mail:

San Antonio Water System
Attention: Community Pipe Repair Program
2800 Hwy 281 N.
San Antonio Texas 78212