Check Your Toilets
Add food coloring or a dye tablet to water in the tank but don’t flush. If coloring appears in the bowl, your toilet is leaking

Check for Underground Leaks
Walk around your property to check for the following green patchy areas, moist areas or saturated areas on the ground. It is essential to check sprinkler valves, heads and the main line.

Check Your Water Heater
Look for standing water near water heater.

Check for Broken Pipes
Check these areas: ceiling, between walls and around the slab. If your walls, floor or ceiling have stains, mildew or moisture, you may have a water leak.

Check Your Faucets 
Learn to repair your own faucets, so that drips can be repaired promptly. It’s easy, costs very little and can help you save money in plumbing and your water bill.

Check Your Valves
Check the following valves for leaks: cut-off valves, sprinkler valves and valves under sinks.

Check Your Water Softener
Make sure your water softener works properly. Refer to the owner’s manual or contact someone to verify if softener needs to be serviced.

Check Your Icemaker
Check to see if icemaker is dripping or look for water stains on the floor. Make sure icemaker is connected properly.

What to Do If You Find a Leak

SAWS is responsible for maintaining the water line from the main to your water meter. You are responsible for repairs to any part of the water system from the meter toward your home or business. If you find a leak, please repair it as quickly as possible to minimize water loss.

Under some circumstances, SAWS will provide a credit adjustment to your bill. Leak adjustments are applied once every 12 months.

Send a copy of the repair receipt and a brief explanation of the type of leak within 60 days of repair, the date of repairs, and the account number or service address to SAWS Account Review, P.O. Box 2449, San Antonio, TX, 78298, by fax to 210-233-4163 or email to service@saws.org. Be sure to include your contact information.

Call 210-704-SAVE (7283) for any additional conservation tips or information, or if you think there is a leak between your water main and your house.