Affordable. Sustainable. Diversified.

Just a few years ago, San Antonio was totally dependent on day-to-day pumping from the Edwards Aquifer for the city’s water needs. Over the past 20 years, SAWS has developed one of the most diversified and innovative water supply portfolios in the U.S.

In doing so, the utility has greatly reduced its reliance on the Edwards Aquifer while enhancing the city’s ability to manage drought and accommodate projected growth. San Antonio’s leadership in water management has radically change the water supply situation, thereby sustaining a thriving economy.


Existing Water Resources

Edwards Aquifer

This wondrous resource has been the mainstay of San Antonio’s water supply for centuries, and SAWS continues to explore opportunities to maximize its allocations of Edwards supply.
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Trinity Aquifer

Introduced in 2002, the Trinity Aquifer was the first non-Edwards Aquifer drinking water to pass through SAWS pipelines.
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Medina Lake

The Medina project was San Antonio’s first modern surface water project. Water stored in Medina Lake is delivered to SAWS’ ultra-filtration membrane plant.
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Lake Dunlap

Water from Lake Dunlap, which serves northeast San Antonio, is made possible through an agreement with the Canyon Regional Water Authority.
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Carrizo Aquifer

The Regional Carrizo project delivers up to 13 million gallons per day from western Gonzales County, approximately 50 miles east of San Antonio.
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Western Canyon

Surface water from Canyon Lake is the source of water for this supply, secured through a long-term agreement with the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority.
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Aquifer Storage and Recovery

The H2Oaks Center uses Aquifer Storage & Recovery to store excess Edwards Aquifer drinking water during rainy times in a large-scale, underground reservoir.
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Brackish Groundwater Desalination

SAWS’ desal plant treats salty water from 1,500 feet underground in the Wilcox Aquifer, producing 12 million gallons of drinking water per day.
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Water Projects Underway


Vista Ridge Pipeline

Water is the basis for San Antonio’s prosperity. This game-changing water project will provide the largest non-Edwards Aquifer supply in our city’s history.

Proposed Future Water Supplies

pipeline construction

Brackish Groundwater Desalination
Phase II & III

SAWS would acquire brackish groundwater production rights from interested landowners whose properties overlie aquifers containing brackish groundwater.

Expanded Local Carrizo

Expanded Local Carrizo is a potential new project in southern Bexar County that could yield an additional 21,000 acre-feet per year of drinking water by 2026.