Expanded Local Carrizo

New Project Could Further Diversify S.A.’s Water Supply Portfolio

Expanded Local Carrizo is a potential new project in southern Bexar County that could yield an additional 21,000 acre-feet* per year of drinking water.

Expanded Local Carrizo would develop additional Carrizo Aquifer wells in southern Bexar County close to the SAWS H2Oaks Center facility. SAWS already has experience in designing, building and operating projects that produce freshwater from the Carrizo Aquifer via the Regional Carrizo and Local Carrizo project.

Proposed Timeline & Estimated Costs

This project could be constructed in three phases, each phase adding 7,000 acre-feet for a total of 21,000 acre-feet per year. Expanded Carrizo Aquifer water would be treated at the Aquifer Storage & Recovery facility.

Preliminary estimated capital costs for the project are $44 million.