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Edwards Aquifer

Aquifer Level 677.4'
10/12/18 - Official

The Edwards aquifer and its catchment area in the San Antonio region is about 8,000 square miles and includes all or part of 13 counties in south-central Texas.

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Year-Round Watering Hours

Watering with an irrigation system or sprinkler is allowed any day of the week before 11 a.m. or after 7 p.m.

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Aquifer Level 677.4 | Year-Round Watering Hours

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Grease: The Real Monster Growing Inside Your Sewer System

The Adverse Impact on Your Sewer System

Did you know cooking grease being poured down drains is a major cause of residential sewer main clogs resulting in unsightly, smelly and unhealthy sewer spills?

Cooking oil and grease are wastes that the city's sewer system cannot handle and should not be discarded down the drain. Grease, fat and oil will clog sewer lines (the same way bad cholesterol can clog heart arteries), causing sewage back-ups and flooding. Sewage back-ups can damage personal and public property.

SAWS is working to increase preventative maintenance of sewer lines to comply with the federal Clean Water Act.

By following a few simple rules, you can help prevent costly sewer spills in the future:

  • Small amounts of cooking oil (this includes salad oil, frying oil and bacon fat) should be poured into an empty milk carton, frozen juice container or other nonrecyclable package and disposed of in the garbage.

  • Dishes and pots that are coated with greasy leftovers should be wiped clean with a paper towel prior to washing or being placed in the dishwasher.

  • Instead of disposing fatty meat trimmings in the garbage disposal, place them in a plastic bag and discard in a garbage can.

dump cooking oil, poultry fat and grease into the kitchen sink or the toilet bowl.

place cooled cooking oil, poultry and meat fats in sealed containers and discard them with your regular garbage.

Don't Feed the Grease Monster