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What We Do

Construction Compliance conducts investigations, inspections and verification of construction activities and other regulated enterprises, as well as responds to public inquiries and illicit discharge situations.

Staff coordinates with other governmental agencies to control, investigate and remediate any pollutant hazardous discharges entering into the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System, or MS4.

Staff evaluates construction sites for regulatory compliance by reviewing the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) to assure plan and operator inspections are current; that erosion and sedimentation control measures are properly located and installed and that other Best Management Practices are set up to control the runoff of debris and sediment into the MS4.

Staff routinely visits construction sites to assure compliance. When noncompliance is observed, the enforcement process outlined in Ordinance 2014-06-19-0472 is exercised. When a construction site is out of compliance and construction materials have entered the MS4, staff will issue a Field Correction Note allowing a minimum of two days to get the site back in compliance. If compliance is not achieved through the FCN, a Stop Work Order is issued to the site operator, and other legal remedies may also be considered as part of the enforcement.

Construction Compliance holds construction storm water education classes/seminars (TPDES Inspector Workshop) for engineers, storm water designers, storm water managers, contractors, home builders, regulatory officials and environmental professionals to increase awareness and compliance with our local, state and federal laws.