In Chapter 34 of the City Code, specifically in 34-226.3 facilities which discharge wastes that have concentrations of BOD in excess of 250 mg/l and TSS in excess of 250 mg/l, shall pretreat the waste to meet the concentrations of normal domestic sewage; however, such excessive BOD and TSS waste may be accepted for treatment if all the following requirements are met:

  1. The wastes will not cause damage to the collection system.
  2. The wastes will not impair the system’s treatment process.
  3. The wastes will not cause contamination of POTW sludges thus limiting sludge disposal options or practices.
  4. The person(s) or owners responsible for the wastes pays an industrial surcharge, in addition to the regular water and sewer charges, in accordance with the following cost factors and formula:

IWS = Industrial waste surcharge computed
in dollars as follows:

IWS = V [$1.81 x (BOD mg/l -250mg/l) + $1.68 x (TSS mg/l- 250mg/l)]

V = volume of flow for the month in million gallons.

BOD and TSS values have a cost factor associated with the formula which is listed in Chapter 34-226.3 of the City code. BOD and TSS shall be analyzed in accordance with the procedures approved under 40 CFR 136 or the latest EPA approved test methods, and shall be reported in mg/L.

The facility may employ an independent registered professional engineer, at the facilities cost, to perform additional sampling and analysis provided this activity is coordinated with SAWS. Upon consideration of all available information, the SAWS shall determine the final values and/or charges to be assessed.