1. Current Bill Summary – Provides a snapshot of your bill. The summary includes your SAWS account number and service address, followed by itemized charges, total amount due, the payment due date and identifies your billing cycle.
  2. Edwards Water Aquifer Level – Provides the current level of the Edwards Aquifer in comparison to record high and low levels, as well as drought restriction stages.
  3. Your Water Use in Gallons – Graphic display of your water consumption for the past year, your neighborhood average consumption, SAWS system-wide average consumption, and your next scheduled meter reading date.
  4. Personalized MessageInformation customized for each customer based on water use.
  5. Payment StubPortion of the bill to be returned with payment.

Back of SAWS bill

  1. Current Bill CalculationDetailed, itemized breakdown of charges and calculations used to compute your bill total.
  2. How to Read Your MeterInstructions on how to compute your water use since your meter was last read. The number used in the example is your actual meter reading for this billing cycle.
  3. Special MessagesDisplays important information regarding current SAWS programs and promotions.
  4. Customer Service LocationsList of street addresses and office hours of SAWS Customer Service Centers.