Thanksgiving Celebrating Made Possible: Some Helpful Tips to Stay Connected with Loved Ones

I'm Thankful

At SAWS, we value the importance of safety and community. And because planning and strategy is second nature to us, we’d like to share some helpful tips on planning your holiday gatherings during this season of careful social distancing while still having fun.

  • Share recipes ahead of time so that everyone can enjoy similar foods in different places.
  • Drop off grandma’s famous cookies and other ready-made dishes at each house ahead of time.
  • Set up laptops at the dinner table to talk to each other while sharing a holiday meal, and continue to honor your usual traditions like having each person say what they’re thankful for this season.
  • Pro-level points to those connecting their laptop to the television and moving it closer to the dining area to get a larger view of everyone.

Gathering this holiday might be more complicated. But SAWS is here for you, and as you celebrate safely, remember to properly dispose of the leftover to avoid a costly plumber’s visit:

Fats, oils, and grease can clog sewer lines, causing nasty sewage backups and serious damage to your home. Grease is also more than just cooking oil or melted butter.

  • It’s in dairy products like butter, milk, and ice cream.
  • That oil you pour out of canned goods when you open them? Toss it in the trash — not your sink.
  • Even salad dressing can do a number on your drain. Dump salad leftovers in the trash.
  • Peanut butter, fried foods, salad dressing, lard and shortening for baking, and even cake frosting all have grease.

This holiday season, when dinner is done, remember to Scrape, Pour, and Wipe:

  • Scrape grease solids directly into a lined trash can
  •  Pour cooled liquid grease into a sealable container
  • And Wipe remaining grease and debris with a paper towel

Scrape, Pour, and Wipe grease into trash bin.

For more information on keeping your pipes grease-free and other cost-saving ideas, click here. Happy holidays!