Winter is here — Be ready for the unexpected

The best way to weather an emergency is to prepare for it ahead of time. SAWS wants to help you Be Ready for the Unexpected in case we’re faced with extreme winter weather and the hardships it can bring.

covering pipeIn addition to our own efforts behind the scenes to make San Antonio’s water plants, pipes and pumps more winter-hardy, we’ve gathered our best tips and tools to help you protect your home and property when temperatures dip.

Even though weather cold enough to damage pipes is rare here, it can happen. So it’s helpful to know what to do to minimize your risk. For starters:

  • Cover hose bibs and make sure any hoses are disconnected.
  • Wrap pipes in unheated areas such as garages, water heater closets and crawl spaces.
  • Turn off irrigation at the shut-off valve.
  • Cover in-ground valve boxes.
  • Insulate backflow devices if they’re above ground.

Protecting, maintaining and repairing the pipes on your property can help you avoid damage from leaks (and save you money on your water bill). Invest a little time or money now to help avoid costly repairs later.

SAWS’ step-by-step videos and infographics will help you Be Ready for all kinds of water-related emergencies.

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