Debris causes sewer spill in Southwest area near Hwy 90

San Antonio Water System crews are responding to a sewer spill that occurred on the 6600 block of Keitha Boulevard. The spill is a result of debris in the lines. The spilled amount exceeded the requirement for public notice. (See attached TCEQ notice for more details.) No adverse impacts are expected.

SAWS W-6 Upper Segment and W-1 Lower Segment sewer projects, which includes this area, are under construction for $167.7, and $19.0 million, respectively. W-6 will replace existing 54-inch sewer mains with approximately 5 miles of 104-inch sewer pipe. The W-1 project will replace 42- and 54-inch sewer main with approximately 2.5 miles of 72- and 78-inch main. This will replace aging infrastructure that conveys more than 90% of the sewer shed’s total flow to the treatment plant.

This project is part of the work required by San Antonio’s agreement with the U.S. EPA to address capacity constrained sewer infrastructure across the city. For an interactive map and details on sewer project construction, visit www.saws.org/sewer.

See TCEQ notice for more details.