Do You Know When To Water?

Well-timed rain events have helped keep things moist and green heading into summer. But triple-digit temps are likely to make a comeback, especially as the season wears on. Before you turn the sprinkler on full blast in the middle of the day, remember there is an ideal time to water.

Our year-round guidelines encourage you to water your landscape before 11 a.m. or after 7 p.m.
automatic sprinkler wateringTo avoid overwatering — and running up your water bill — make sure your irrigation system is set to water just one day a week.

Of course, the most water-wise way to keep your landscape happy in the heat is to water with a hand-held nozzle or water wand. Our clay soils don’t allow water to soak in rapidly so watering by hand is always the best method. Plus, it’s an enjoyable, relaxing way to spend time in your yard. And your water bill will be lower for it.

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