Don’t Get Soaked By Your Lawn This Summer


Scorching temperatures are nothing new this time of year. But thanks to our wetter-than-normal spring, things are a little greener than usual heading into the dog days of summer — including our lawns.

In the absence of drought restrictions, you might be tempted to water more often to keep that lush, emerald turf from withering in the summer heat. If you do, your next water bill may be a real soaker.

SAWS uses tiered pricing to encourage water conservation. So the more water you use, the more you’ll pay per gallon. But it also means you can save money quickly with small reductions in water use.

The best way to save water and money this summer? Stick to a one-day-per-week watering schedule. Better yet: Hand water using a hose-end spray nozzle. Your water bill will be lower, and you’ll also protect your lawn from diseases caused by overwatering.

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