Down with the Old, Up with the New

The old SAWS East Side Service Center main building is no more. Rising from the rubble of the outdated, three-story structure at I-10 and E. Houston Street is a modern, energy-efficient administration building and a new supply warehouse.

The project is part of an ongoing effort, launched in 2010, to improve SAWS field crew dispatch facilities citywide. To reduce costs, all new and updated operations center locations are using the same floor plans, building materials and energy-saving systems. This makes both maintenance and operations more efficient.

Prior to demolition, SAWS removed HVAC units, audio-visual equipment, lockers, furniture and other equipment to reuse in the new facility. Metal, copper and concrete debris were also
carefully sorted for recycling.

The entire E. Houston Street dispatch site is being rebranded as the East Side Operations Center and is already occupied by SAWS staff.

ESSC Demolition
New ESOC Building