Fall Things Considered, Now Is the Time To Plant Trees

Spring may be the default season for planting. But when it comes to trees, fall is the perfect time to get them in the ground.


The mild soil and air temperatures provide excellent conditions for a tree’s roots to begin to grow. And our typically mild South Texas winters mean the roots will continue to become established throughout the dormant winter months, allowing the young trees to be ready for the hot summer months to come.

To ensure healthy, fast-growing trees, remember to:

  • Dig a wide, shallow hole and position the tree trunk straight up and down.
  • Water twice — once with the hole half-filled with soil and once after the hole is filled.
  • Cover the planting area with a layer of mulch (but not within two inches of the tree trunk).

Get your new tree established with the 3-2-1 hand-watering plan: Water three times a week the first month, twice a week the next month and just once a week the final month. After that, water no more than once a month.