Get a Flume for Free!

With summer approaching, wouldn’t it be great if you could get a smart device that monitors your water use 24/7? To help keep your bills low and detect costly leaks?

flume mobile water seneor

Through June 15, Flume is temporarily reducing its water monitor’s price, making it free (including tax and shipping) when combined with the SAWS Water Flow Sensor Rebate of $150. Flume is one of several devices eligible for this rebate.

You must have Wi-Fi and a smart phone to use these products. The Flume offers easy self-installation; no plumber required. Once the device is purchased directly from the company’s website and successfully installed, you can apply for the SAWS rebate. Once approved, a credit will be applied to your SAWS bill within two billing cycles.

To see all rebate-eligible devices and get started on your water-saving journey, visit GardenStyleSA.com/sensor.