Getting Tanked

As construction carries on apace along the 142-mile pipeline route, SAWS is turning its attention to the infrastructure that will receive and distribute Vista Ridge water when it arrives on San Antonio’s proverbial doorstep in 2020.

The SAWS Board of Trustees today approved funding for a 10 million gallon ground storage tank to be built at the pipeline’s terminus on the city’s North Side. The $7 million prestressed concrete tank will rise 81-1/2 feet above the surrounding Stone Oak-area terrain – the tallest such structure in SAWS’ distribution system.

It is from this sizeable cistern that the Vista Ridge water will begin its trek to taps throughout San Antonio, making its way down U.S. 281 via the Central Water Integration Pipeline to the center of the city.

SAWS Engineering Director Alissa Lockett presented the action item to Trustees along with a timeline of related construction to soon follow. Click to view PDF of presentation slides

The tank is expected to be completed by February 2019, making way for construction of the water treatment facility that will be built alongside it. A second storage tank will be erected at the opposite end of the terminus site property by pipeline contractor Garney Construction.

terminus site rendering