New SAWS rates now in effect

Does your water bill total look a little different this month? That’s because your SAWS services are now being billed at our new rates, effective Jan. 1. And that’s very good news for most SAWS customers!

The new rates reduce wastewater charges on 100% of residential bills, while 83% include reduced water charges. For the average residential customer, that adds up to $5.80 in savings per month!

The lower water rates apply to residential customers using 9,000 gallons or less per month. Those with higher use will see a modest increase, to further encourage water conservation.

Those who meet income requirements and are enrolled in SAWS’ Uplift Assistance Program will see an even greater bill reduction, including no charge at all for water, water supply or sewer for the first 2,000 gallons of water use.

This new discounted rate plan is funded through a new Uplift Assistance Program Fee.

The rates for commercial, wholesale, irrigation and recycled water customers also include a modest increase for 2023.

Learn more about the new rate structure at To see if you qualify for our new discounted residential rates, apply online at or call 210-233-CARE (2273).