bexar county watersheds mapAs a result of increased development over the Recharge Zone in Bexar County and the potential for polluting the Edwards Aquifer, the City and San Antonio Water System have been proactive in addressing issues that have an impact on water quality. “The Edwards Aquifer: Perspectives for Local and Regional Action,” a 1987 report, analyzed problems and provided a plan of action for implementation.

In 1994, this approach was expanded by considering federal, state, and local requirements and utilizing a comprehensive watershed management approach. Therefore, the 1994 report, “The Edwards Aquifer: San Antonio Mandates for Water Quality Protection (33 Mandates),” adopted policies that included strengthening development codes, cooperating with state efforts, adopting new technologies and performing necessary studies to assist the City in its goal of non-degradation. It also provided implementation strategies and time frames for completing each of the “33 Mandates.”

The “33 Mandates” within San Antonio’s jurisdiction over the Recharge Zone authorized the following changes: Underground Storage Tanks (UST) on the Recharge Zone within the City Limits are now banned, and the Aquifer Protection Ordinance No. 81491 strengthens controls on development over the Recharge Zone.


“The Edwards Aquifer: San Antonio Mandates For Water Quality Protection”
(known as the “33 Mandates”) 

For further information, please contact the Aquifer Protection and Evaluation Section at 210-233-3520 or 210-233-3523 between the hours of 8 a.m-5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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