Best Management Practices – Commercial Food Facilities & Restaurants

The following Best Management Practices (BMPs) encourage sound environmental stewardship and aim to reduce grease impacts on the sanitary sewer system by improving performance of grease traps and grease contributors.

grease monster poster1. Train kitchen staff and other employees about how they can help ensure BMPs are implemented.

2. Post “No Grease” signs above sinks and on the front of dishwashers.

3. “Dry wipe” pots, pans, and dishware prior to dishwashing.

4. Dispose of food waste by recycling and/or solid waste removal.

5. Recycle waste cooking oil.

6. Cover outdoor grease and oil storage containers.

7. Routinely clean kitchen exhaust system filters.

8. Do not pour grease down the sinks or into the toilet.

9. Avoid or limit the use of garbage disposals.

10. Clean interceptors with a capacity of 100 gallons or less weekly or more frequently if needed.

11. Use a 3-sink compartment dishwashing system, including sinks for washing, rinsing and sanitizing.

12. Use strainers in sinks to catch food scraps and other solids.

13. Keep a maintenance log on grease interceptor/trap maintenance.