SAWS purchased a Trimble Global Positioning System (GPS) unit system for use in the Abandoned Well and Wellhead Protection program. The Trimble GPS accurately located abandoned wells, known karst features associated with the recharge zone, all locations regarding SAWS public water supply wells, and all inventoried potential sources of contamination. Once the GPS data is obtained, it is plotted and incorporated into SAWS’ database. The table to the right lists potential sources to groundwater degradation that were searched for around each SAWS public supply well.

Well Pump Station Geology

In addition, SAWS is currently studying the geology of each pump station. This study which provides a comprehensive look at the subsurface geology, is being conducted through the collection of subsurface information via geophysical log data, well reports and state well schedules. This information is a vital part of the SAWS Wellhead Protection Program, which addresses any potential avenue through which contaminants could enter the aquifer.

Potential Sources of Groundwater Degradation
WELLS Abandoned wells
Geothermal wells
Active private wells
Mineral exploration wells
CHEMICAL STORAGE Underground storage tanks
Above ground storage tanks
DISPOSAL OF WASTE Municipal solid waste landfills
Industrial and hazardous waste
Abandoned landfills