San Antonio Exits Stage 1 Watering Rules

Per city ordinance, San Antonio City Manager Erik Walsh, in consultation with SAWS President/CEO Robert R. Puente, declared the end to Stage 1 watering rules effective Tuesday, Sept. 29.

Recent sporadic rainfall has sent the 10-day average for the Edwards Aquifer above the trigger of 660 feet msl. As a result, SAWS has advised the City Manager that it would be appropriate to end the watering rules that have been in place since July.

Investing SAWS customer dollars in diversification of water sources, such as the Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) and desalination plant, has enabled San Antonio customers to avoid more severe drought restrictions seen elsewhere in the region in recent years.

While the city is returning to year-round watering rules, recent rains and seasonal drop in temperatures reduce the need for outdoor watering, residents are encouraged to leave in place once-a-week watering.

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