SAWS crews clean up sewer spill near Salado Creek

San Antonio Water System crews are cleaning up a sewer spill that occurred Saturday morning at 5603 Texoma Drive near Salado Creek.

The spill was caused by grease in the main. The spilled amount exceeded the requirement for public notice. (See attached TCEQ Public Notice for more details.) No adverse impacts are expected.

Grease, wipes, and debris are a major cause of sewer spills in San Antonio as well as across the country. SAWS recently launch an ad campaign to remind people that what they put down the drain or toilet clogs up lines. Find more information on SAWS Pipes Don’t Lie campaign at

Under San Antonio’s EPA consent decree, SAWS is investing $1.2 billion in improvements to the city’s sewage infrastructure over the course of 12 years. For an interactive map and details on sewer project construction, visit