SAWS is always planning for your water future

Did you know SAWS manages 14 different water supply projects from eight different sources? While the Edwards Aquifer remains a cornerstone supply, SAWS’ diversified water portfolio assures a secure water future for our growing pipeline

SAWS began diversifying its supplies back in 1999 with the introduction of the largest direct recycled water system in the country. Today more than 130 miles of purple pipe delivers highly treated recycled water for irrigation, cooling and manufacturing, which helps reduce demand on the potable water supply.

In 2020, the Vista Ridge project came on line as San Antonio’s largest-ever non-Edwards Aquifer water source.

Our diverse water supply also helps protect threatened and endangered species and, most importantly, reduces the impact of drought on San Antonio and our region.

Our area’s population is constantly growing, and the demand for water is growing with it. Rest assured, SAWS is always working to ensure the community has plentiful water for generations to come. Learn more at