SAWS Offers Extra Help for Costly Water Leaks

For a limited time, SAWS is offering enhanced leak adjustments as part of the utility’s COVID-19 recovery plan.

To qualify for a one-time leak adjustment credit on your bill:

  • Provide proof that the leak has been repaired.
  • Have a SAWS account 60 days or more past due since Aug. 1.
  • Set up a payment plan and make required payments for three months (if payments toward the balance have not already been made).

Apply online at or call us at 210-704-SAWS (7297). SAWS will review your account in detail to see what bill adjustment amount you may be eligible for.

Can’t afford to repair your leak? SAWS Plumbers to People offers emergency leak repair assistance to residential customers who qualify. Apply online at or call 210-233-CARE (2273).