Why is SAWS closing the Somerset water vending station?
The Somerset water vending station is being closed due to health and safety concerns. The station is a remnant of the old BexarMet water utility that has outlived its original purpose.

SAWS cannot ensure that this water is being used for its original intent — which was to provide bulk water for non-drinking use. SAWS also cannot ensure current usage meets environmental standards.

What if I have been drinking the water from the vending station? Should I be concerned?
Although we believe the water provided by SAWS meets drinking standards, SAWS can NOT verify containers that were used for water transportation were sanitized to drinking standards.

When will the water vending station close?
The station’s last day of service is Nov. 6, 2020.

Where can I still get water?
Drinking water is available for purchase in five-gallon jugs at nearby grocery stores.

Is SAWS shutting down its entire Somerset facility?
Only the coin-operated water vending station is closing. The SAWS water tank and distribution facility will continue to serve SAWS residential and commercial customers in the Somerset area.

SAWS Somerset water vending station