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Landscaping tips for May

Given the ongoing drought this may surprise you, but May is historically one of our wetter months. That makes it the perfect time to tackle these tasks: Make sure your irrigation system has a working rain sensor. If the sensor is more than five years old, it’s time to replace it. Refresh the mulch in… Continue Reading Landscaping tips for May

A bird’s eye view of this bird city

Nearly two billion birds wing their way through Texas every spring, stopping in for food and rest along the way. With this delightful parade of feathered travelers, it’s no wonder San Antonio is a certified Bird City Texas community. The designation recognizes community efforts to ensure birds, wildlife and people thrive. Make your landscape a… Continue Reading A bird’s eye view of this bird city

Plant like a pro, yo

You don’t have to be a master gardener to have a beautiful landscape. And you don’t need to toil for weeks just to give it a sprucing up. Our new Plant by Number plans will help you easily eliminate problem areas in your yard and replace them with gorgeous water-saving alternatives. Maybe the grass near… Continue Reading Plant like a pro, yo

Got Shade? Give Up the Grass.

From shady spots up against your house to areas beneath massive tree canopies, constant shade is not a friend to grass. Bermuda grass needs lots of sun, and deep shade may be too much for Zoysia grass. Lucky for you, there are plenty of flowering plants and ornamental grasses that thrive in the shade —… Continue Reading Got Shade? Give Up the Grass.

Summer SOS for Your Landscape

Sun, wind, and heat can be brutal to unsuspecting landscapes. Now is the time to tackle a few simple tasks to help it weather the inevitable scorching temps. Insect populations are at their peak now. But remember: not all bugs are bad bugs so be careful what pesticides you use. You want to keep the… Continue Reading Summer SOS for Your Landscape