Too Much Water Makes Winter Weeds Go Wild

In winter, landscape plants are not actively growing. Winter weeds, however, are busy multiplying with every drop of water they get.

As long as soil temperatures are below 70 degrees, turf grasses will not produce green shoots. What will turn green are germinating winter weeds like dandelions and henbit, along with all kinds of weedy grasses.


Your best defense against winter weeds? Frequent mowing or pulling. This keeps them from flowering and going to seed. So-called “weed and feed” products are not a good remedy — they only help the weeds grow.

Remember: Your lawn only needs about ½-inch of water per month in winter — even less if it rains. Shrubs and trees usually do fine on rainfall alone. But if you do need to water them, use a hand-held hose to target individual plants.

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