Water Bill Look a Little Different?

As of Jan. 1, your SAWS services are now being billed at our new rates.

The average residential customer can expect to see an increase in their bill from $65.83 to $72.38, or 9.9 percent (excluding regulatory pass-through and stormwater fees). Your own bill may change more or less depending on how much water you use.

In 2015, City Council approved water supply fee adjustments for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 to assure completion of the Vista Ridge water supply. The adjustment will also allow other multiyear water and sewer projects to move forward.

The new rates are for Water Supply Fee and Recycled Water only. There are no changes to the water delivery or wastewater rates for 2020. To estimate how your own bill will change, use the rate calculator at saws.org/calculator.

flume mobile water seneor

Water Use Mystery? There’s an App for That

Keep tabs on your water use in real time with a Flume Flow Sensor — free after rebate for qualified SAWS customers. (You only pay sales tax and shipping.)

Flow sensors use the power of your smartphone to let you know when your water is running. This can tell you exactly how much water you’re using and determine if you have a leak.

Learn more and apply online at GardenStyleSA.com/sensor.