Beware of Imposters


SAWS is committed to protecting the drinking water quality of our community. But we will NEVER come to your home and ask to come inside to test the water. Be on guard against imposters who may pose as utility or city workers to gain access to your home. When SAWS employees call on customers in the field, there are clear procedures they follow:

  • All SAWS employees wear a photo ID badge with security hologram. Most wear a blue uniform clearly marked with our logo.
  • SAWS vehicles are usually white with a SAWS logo on the doors.
  • SAWS workers never ask for access to your home unless you requested the visit, such as a water conservation check-up.
  • Water testing can be done at an outdoor faucet if and when necessary.

Also, if you have received a packet with a survey and test tube for a water sample, these are NOT from SAWS or the City of San Antonio.