Community Input Underway on SAWS Rate Structure

San Antonio Water System provides water and wastewater services to more than 1.8 million people in the San Antonio region. Maintaining affordable rates for those services — while preserving the utility’s high standard of service — is always a priority.

That’s why SAWS is conducting a cost-of-service and rate study with the help of a Rate Advisory Committee. The panel began meeting in September to set pricing objectives, review cost-of-service calculations and weigh possible rate structure changes.

The committee consists of 20 members nominated by San Antonio City Council members as well as neighborhood associations, chambers of commerce and business associations. Members represent a cross section of SAWS customers, water use amounts and areas of the city.

The Rate Advisory Committee is chaired by Frances Gonzalez, a former assistant city manager who currently serves as a program officer for the Asset Funders Network.

The rate study process takes place about every five years to help ensure SAWS’ rate structure reflects a balance of fairness, equity and affordability. The last review was completed in 2015. Utility consulting firm Raftelis is assisting SAWS with the cost-of-service study that will help inform the committee’s efforts.

Just like SAWS Board meetings, Rate Advisory Committee meetings are open to the public. Citizens are encouraged to attend and provide input to the panel. The meetings are also streamed live online and archived for later viewing. Learn more at saws.org/rac.