Don’t start watering yet — we’re still in Stage 2

Let your sprinklers slumber on. After all, your lawn is still snoozing too. And that’s a good thing since we’re starting off the new year still under watering rules.

Occasional showers in December were a welcome relief, but they didn’t put an end to the ongoing drought. Back-to-back years of record heat paired with a severe lack of rainfall continues to challenge the Edwards Aquifer. This means Stage 2 watering rules — and enforcement of them — are still in effect.

As a reminder, under Stage 2, landscape watering with a sprinkler, irrigation system or soaker hose is allowed only from 7-11 a.m. and 7-11 p.m., one day a week, based on the last number of your street address. You can still hand-water with a hose-end nozzle any time.

stage 2 rules

SAWS water enforcers are patrolling neighborhoods, including gated communities, and issuing fines — not warnings. So make sure your irrigation system is set to water only on your day between 7 and 11.

Even better: just turn off your irrigation system and run it manually only as needed. Doing so will not only help you save water now, but it can add up to big savings throughout 2024. That’s because SAWS sewer charges are based on your average winter water use — meaning the less water you use through mid-March, the lower your monthly sewer charge will be for the rest of 2024.

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