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Get 2023 off to a good start

A new year is an opportunity to start fresh, to right some wrongs, to do things differently. That doesn’t just apply to you, but to your property too. Resolve to show your home and landscape some love! Here’s a short and simple checklist to help you get started. Keep grease out of your pipes! Learn… Continue Reading Get 2023 off to a good start

Don’t Plant — Prep Instead

Summertime — with its scorching heat and severe lack of precipitation — is not the ideal time to plant. Instead, the best thing you can do for your parched landscape right now is to re-evaluate it and prep it for autumn planting, especially if you want to take advantage of SAWS WaterSaver Coupons come fall.… Continue Reading Don’t Plant — Prep Instead

Got Shade? Give Up the Grass.

From shady spots up against your house to areas beneath massive tree canopies, constant shade is not a friend to grass. Bermuda grass needs lots of sun, and deep shade may be too much for Zoysia grass. Lucky for you, there are plenty of flowering plants and ornamental grasses that thrive in the shade —… Continue Reading Got Shade? Give Up the Grass.

Summer SOS for Your Landscape

Sun, wind, and heat can be brutal to unsuspecting landscapes. Now is the time to tackle a few simple tasks to help it weather the inevitable scorching temps. Insect populations are at their peak now. But remember: not all bugs are bad bugs so be careful what pesticides you use. You want to keep the… Continue Reading Summer SOS for Your Landscape

Light Up Your Landscape

Whether you called them fireflies or lightning bugs as a child, it’s always fun to see their friendly flickers floating about the yard. Give your garden a glow of tiny twinkling lights with these firefly-friendly garden practices. They’ll spark many magical summer evenings. Create a small wildflower meadow or keep a little corner of your… Continue Reading Light Up Your Landscape