Get a Flow Sensor for Nearly Nothing!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a smart device that monitors your water use 24/7? To help keep your bills low and detect costly leaks? You can — with a flow sensor. And there’s a rebate for that!

Flow sensors use the power of your smartphone to let you know in real time when your water meter is running, so you know how much water you are using and when.

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Qualified customers who purchase a SAWS-approved flow sensor device are eligible for a $150 rebate through the Water Flow Sensor Rebate program. Bonus: after the rebate, one of the devices ends up only costing you tax and shipping!

You’ll need Wi-Fi and a smart phone to use these products. After the device is purchased and installed, you can apply for the SAWS rebate which will be applied as a credit to your SAWS bill.

To see all rebate-eligible devices and get started on your water-saving journey, visit GardenStyleSA.com/sensor.