Get Paid To Kick Your Irrigation System to the Curb

Did you know your in-ground sprinkler system can use more water in one week than your entire family uses in a month? In fact, SAWS customers with irrigation systems use 70 percent more water on average in the summer and 50 percent more annually than those without built-in sprinklers. Since most modern South Texas landscapes use native plants that require very little irrigation, a lot of that extra water goes to waste, driving up water bills with very little benefit to show for it. SAWS can help you kick the irrigation.

Whether you’re ready to make small changes, like capping a spray zone you no longer need, or you want to ditch the entire system, an irrigation consultation will determine how much of a rebate you can get. To qualify for a SAWS irrigation rebate, you must be a SAWS water customer and complete an irrigation consultation before you begin any actual work on your system. Call 210-704-SAVE (7283) to schedule your free, no-contact irrigation consultation.