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Water on Your Day

Between triple-digit heat and scant rainfall, the dog days of summer have arrived with a vengeance — along with landscape watering restrictions for the first time since 2018. That means watering your lawn with an irrigation system, sprinkler or soaker hose is allowed only one day a week on your designated watering day, determined by… Continue Reading Water on Your Day

We Are Here To Help

SAWS has many programs and resources to help you avoid the hardship and hassle of a high water bill. Purchase a water flow sensor device and we’ll rebate you $150 toward the purchase after it’s installed. See all eligible devices at GardenStyleSA.com/sensor. Sign up for a monthly WaterSmart report at saws.org/watersmart. You’ll get a detailed… Continue Reading We Are Here To Help

Protecting Your Pipes and Plants from Freezing Temperatures

With freezing temperatures expected, it’s important to remember the dangers of water pipes freezing or bursting in cold temperatures. One of the most common hazards in San Antonio is freezing run-off from irrigation systems, so turn them off now before they become a liability. When water from spray irrigation systems run off onto sidewalks and… Continue Reading Protecting Your Pipes and Plants from Freezing Temperatures