Give Your Irrigation System a Vacation This Season

This is the time of year to give your sprinkler system a break. Here are two reasons why: Once-a-week Stage 1 watering rules are in effect and your landscape doesn’t need as much water as it did in summer.

Consider your landscape’s watering needs:

  • Plants are preparing for dormancy. This means they don’t take in as much water.
  • Roots continue to grow at a snail’s pace during dormancy. Apply mulch to conserve existing soil moisture and help protect plant roots from freezing temperatures.
  • The cooler, wetter weather is usually sufficient for our soon-to-be-dormant lawns. Any additional irrigation — especially during certain times of the day — only encourages fungus growth.

Turning off your irrigation system is the single biggest way to keep your landscape healthy and save on your water bill.

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