Hey, high school students — are you a future water influencer?

Virtual schools are not a novel idea. Institutions of higher learning have been offering online-only curriculum for years.

But it wasn’t until 2020 — when the coronavirus pandemic forced everyone to isolate — that virtual education became a necessity. And now it’s the norm.

That’s why San Antonio Water System created the Academy of Water Influencers.

“We wanted to build something that was accessible to all students, no matter the circumstances,” said Angelica Zuniga, SAWS education coordinator.

The Academy of Water Influencers aims to inspire high school students to work together and with experts to solve water issues like water scarcity and safe drinking water for all.

Beyond gaining a deeper understanding of water’s impact on our lives, students will connect with professionals working in the water industry through organizations like the Texas American Water Works Association and Water Environment Federation.

And if a career in water is a goal after high school, the academy can help with job prospects (with possible tuition reimbursement) and scholarship opportunities.

The academy’s eight focus areas, or explorations, expose students to a wide range of water-related topics, from aquatic entrepreneurship to hydroengineering. How they use what they learn is completely up to them, but Zuniga hopes it brings them full circle.

“They’d be great additions to the SAWS family, working with a world-renowned utility and serving the San Antonio community,” she said.

The Academy is open to ALL high school students — homeschoolers, too — in grades 9-12. Best of all, enrollment is free and you can join any time.

Start your water influencer education today! Enroll now at saws.org/academy.