Hold Off on Lawn Watering for Now

Hose and lockIf you’ve kept the hoses and sprinklers stowed away all winter, good job! Stay the course for a little while longer to get your spring lawn off to a healthy start.

Plentiful rain has kept things green, but most turf grasses don’t hit their growing season stride until April. If you start watering too early, the weeds will certainly get a boost, but your lawn won’t benefit much at all. With a few good spring showers, you might even push back watering until Tax Day, April 15.

That’s good news for your grass and your pocketbook. Since SAWS water rates are tiered, the more you use the more it costs per gallon. That could cause a big jump in your bill if you water too much or too early. So keep that in mind when you set your sprinkler system.

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