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Hot Weather Watering Habits Can Blow Up Your SAWS Bill

Running irrigation systems just one time per week doubles the typical home water bill.

Early summer rains have dried up and people may feel the need to turn on their irrigation systems, but doing so will lead to higher bills than expected.

In 2019 when summer rains suddenly dried up, some customers experienced sticker shock from high bills after they turned on automatic irrigation systems or laid out hose-end sprinklers.  Increasing watering to just once a week will double the water bill for a home with an average-sized lawn.  Households with generous lot sizes or that choose multiple sprinkler cycles per week can experience a tripling of bills compared to when it was raining.

“We want to remind people that once-a-week irrigation is better for both their landscape and their pocketbook,” said Karen Guz, Conservation director.  “Actually, it’s normal for lawns to be less green in the hottest part of our summers. Trying to keep them lush can get very expensive and is not necessary for their survival.”

To avoid the headaches of a high bill surprise:

More detailed advice is available at GardenStyleSA.com/SummerWatering