Due to extreme heat and drought, SAWS is experiencing a record number of water main breaks. We are working 24/7 to make repairs, taking necessary heat-related safety precautions. Thank you for your patience.

Notice Regarding Second Bromate Violation: Canyon Regional Water Authority

The following letter for a bromate violation by Canyon Regional Water Authority (CRWA) includes mandatory language that can be alarming, but San Antonio Water System reassures you that your drinking water is safe.

As noted in a previous mailing, this second notice was expected. The violation occurred for water that SAWS purchases from CRWA made of 60 percent water from Lake Dunlap and 40 percent from groundwater. SAWS has 15 water projects from eight water sources with more than 98 percent of SAWS’ total water production coming from non-CRWA sources.

This violation occurred before CRWA had adjusted its water treatment process to correct the issue. While bromate was detected during a short period from February to April 2019, no additional levels have been detected since that time.

Further monitoring and testing by CRWA and by SAWS will continue. SAWS takes its water quality testing seriously. In fact, SAWS conducts thousands of water quality tests year-round to ensure the highest quality and safety.

The procedures worked: The chemical was detected and the water treatment process was remedied.

Rest assured that your water remains completely safe to drink. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact Canyon Regional Water Authority at 830-609-0543.


Download TCEQ Bromate Notice