San Antonio City Council has adopted a policy identifying the installation of underground storage tanks (UST) and related systems within the Edwards Recharge Zone District, as inappropriate, and that the use of USTs within the Edwards Transition Zone shall only be allowed conditionally.

Because some UST sites were installed before the banning of UST sites in the Recharge Zone District, a monitoring and enforcement program has been put in place to ensure the maintenance of these existing UST systems. The program also monitors compliance with rules and regulations designed to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

The regulations contained in this division provide a monitoring and enforcement program governing USTs within the Recharge Zone District and the Edwards Transition Zone. These regulations are the result of recommendations made by the Mayor’s Water Quality Task Force for the purpose of protecting the water quality of the Edwards Aquifer and the environment. They are intended to be administered by the Resource Protection and Compliance Department of the San Antonio Water System.

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