Due to extreme heat and drought, SAWS is experiencing a record number of water main breaks. We are working 24/7 to make repairs, taking necessary heat-related safety precautions. Thank you for your patience.

San Antonio Ends Watering Rules

Per city ordinance, San Antonio City Manager Erik Walsh, in consultation with SAWS President/CEO Robert R. Puente, declared an end to Stage 1 watering rules effective Tuesday, November 2. Year-round watering rules will then be in effect.

Recent rains and cooler temperatures have helped send the 10-day average for the Edwards Aquifer above the necessary trigger of 660 feet msl. As a result, SAWS has advised the City Manager that it would be appropriate to end Stage 1 watering rules.

While there has been some confusion regarding watering rules with multiple entities declaring different stages, the City of San Antonio’s ordinance is designed to avoid quickly going in and out of stages to avoid such a scenario. SAWS wanted to ensure the J-17 aquifer level is trending in the right direction for 15 days before rescinding the watering rules.

Investing in diversification of water sources, such as Vista Ridge, desalination and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) –in addition to Edwards Aquifer water – has provided the water security San Antonio needs to avoid more severe watering rules seen elsewhere in the region in recent years.

Despite the end of drought-stage watering rules, residents are urged to continue watering only once a week. During winter months, most lawns don’t require supplemental water. By reducing water use in the winter, customers can also reduce their monthly sewer charge for 2022.

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