SAWS Crews Responding to Two Sewer Spills

San Antonio Water System crews are responding to two sewer spills that occurred as a result of heavy stormwater flows early this morning.

The spills occurred on Holbrook Road and at SAWS’ Steven M. Clouse Water Recycling Center. The spill amounts are estimated to have exceeded the need for public notice. Cleanup will start as floodwaters recede from the area.

Both spills were heavily diluted by stormwater. No adverse effects are expected. SAWS crews will continue to monitor both sites.

See TCEQ notice for more details.

Areas prone to sewer overflows are the focus of projects replacing and upgrading capacity of sewer lines. SAWS presently has two active projects along Holbrook to address these sewer spills with a total construction cost of $65 million. The initial phase of the project is approximately 90 percent complete. Phase Two is about 70 percent complete.

For an interactive map and details on sewer project construction, visit www.saws.org/sewer. Read more here.