SAWS is planning 50 years into your water future

San Antonio Water System is always working to ensure our growing community has plentiful water supplies for generations to come. As Bexar County’s population continuously expands, so does the demand for water.

That’s why SAWS regularly updates its Water Management Plan, the city’s roadmap for forecasting our long-term water needs and ways to meet those needs.

The plan is updated about every five years to ensure the community has sustainable and affordable water supplies for generations to come. For the draft 2023 Water Management Plan, SAWS is planning for more than 3.5 million customers by 2075.

Focus areas include community engagement, population, water demand patterns, climate change and water supplies to meet demand through 2075.

Throughout the planning process, SAWS has engaged with neighborhood associations and other organizations throughout the community. Additional input is welcome and encouraged when the draft plan is made available on March 1, 2024.

The plan will be presented to the SAWS Board for approval later in 2024. Stay up to date on the latest developments at