Due to extreme heat and drought, SAWS is experiencing a record number of water main breaks. We are working 24/7 to make repairs, taking necessary heat-related safety precautions. Thank you for your patience.

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CPS Energy Color Coding Aims To Lower Energy Use

CPS Energy is launching a new conservation notification program to help customers conserve energy, manage their bills, and support state grid reliability. The notification scheme consists of four color-coded conservation levels to help residents lower energy use this summer. Green days call for everyday conservation actions while yellow days recommend additional actions during peak demand.… Continue Reading CPS Energy Color Coding Aims To Lower Energy Use

Assistance Programs To Help You

If you or someone you know needs help paying utility or other bills, there is help available. SAWS Uplift eases the burden of paying your monthly water bills with 14 different assistance programs. Visit to see if you qualify. You can also get extra time to pay by setting up a payment arrangement at… Continue Reading Assistance Programs To Help You