SAWS Payment Centers are opening today at 10 a.m. Other SAWS services are continuing as usual. SAWS is not experiencing any weather-related challenges or outages as a result of the weather.

Make Sure Your Landscape Can Take the Heat

Late April showers brought much relief to many parched landscapes in and around San Antonio. But the hot and dry weather conditions (thanks, La Niña) are expected to dominate this summer.

Stage 2 watering rules remain in effect. That means watering with a sprinkler, irrigation system or soaker hose is allowed only between
7-11 a.m. and 7-11 p.m. on your designated day. Your weekly watering day is determined by the last number of your street address:brown mulch in hands

0 or 1 – Monday
2 or 3 – Tuesday
4 or 5 – Wednesday
6 or 7 – Thursday
8 or 9 – Friday

You can still hand-water with a hose-end nozzle any time you want.

With the summer scorch on the way, now is a good time to make sure your home and garden are ready:

• Dress for success — Add a layer of mulch to landscape beds to help hold moisture in.
• Put a nozzle on it — Make sure your hose is in good repair and outfitted with a spray head to make hand watering a snap.
• Look out for leaks — A dripping faucet, running toilet or faulty water softener can drain water straight into the sewer without a trace. Consider our flow sensor rebate and get leak alerts in real time.

If you have an irrigation system, make sure it’s set to run only once a week during Stage 2 watering times. For the biggest savings, turn off the timer and run it manually. Remember, watering even once a week can double (and sometimes triple) your water bill.

Need help with your sprinkler settings? Schedule a free irrigation consultation now while there’s no waiting list. By doing so, you may qualify for extra rebates.

Plus, if you want to apply for the WaterSaver Landscape coupons to drought-proof your landscape you can use both incentives together. That’s right, you can double-dip!

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